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Who are we


Albania Working Group is for over 20 years present in the southern part of Albania. Mainly in the province  Gjirokastër and Tepelenë. It consists entirely of volunteers by means of activities, raising money to achieve goods transports to Albania . There will also be a collection of church to the benefit of the group. In addition, the group boasted a large number of donations.

Every year, the working group a few flea markets in Vriezenveen, Tubbergen and Ham. On New Year's Eve donuts and apple fritters sold and there are Christmas pieces made in the Peddemors farm sold.

The goods, including clothing, used and new mattresses, bed frames, wheelchairs, school supplies such as pens, notebooks and school furniture, incontinence pads, blankets and hospital beds, by many people, inside and outside Vriezenveen handed to the collecting addresses and collected in a warehouse in Vriezenveen.

All items are sorted and by a small group of people packed in boxes and bags.

Several times a year can thus, against payment of freight charges, a full truck leave. Here the last few years trucks deployed in Albania itself, which has a cargo to Germany or the Netherlands and thus bring a return cargo to Albania.

 These goods will benefit people in and near Tepelenë, a place in the lower Albania. There is a contact person on site, in consultation, the division regulates.

His name is Gjon Dervishi. 

There, with money from the working group, spot food parcels purchased and distributed. Several schools in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTepelenë, namely. Dukaj, Kalivaç, Këlcyrë and Memaliaj received in recent years, school furniture and stationery, and the blackboards were painted over with black plates.

Nice to mention is the use of a local plumber in Tepelenë for creating bins for the outlet channel in Westerchurc in Vriezenveen.

There is contact since 2009 with an evangelist of ZGG. He lives in Tepelenë called Jasper Otte. Because of him it is possible to make contact with needy families. Because he speaks the language he wants to serve as interpreter for us. This makes it possible for us to make clear agreements with Albanian inhabitants.

In addition to one or two times a year to a few volunteers to Albania, to ensure that everything on the place of destination. It also addresses visited with specific problems. As disabled children and the sick. There is a home for orphans, a nursing home and hospital visits. Here, therefore, many boxes of clothes and goods are shipped, such as beds, mattresses, blankets and incontinence. Children who live at the orphanage shortly after birth abandoned by the mother. There are also contacts with a group from Zutphen who manage the orphanage. The name of the orphanage is "The Hiding Place". This orphanage is fully sponsored by Dutch and British sponsors.